Our Broadband Plans

  • Home FUP Plans
    Monthly Plans
  • Port Speed Quota After FUP Rental*
    2Mbps 50GB 512kbps 599/-
    2Mbps 70GB 512kbps 699/-
    4Mbps 50GB 512Kbps 799/-
    4Mbps 100GB 512Kbps 899/-
    8Mbps 150GB 1Mbps 1299/-
  • Unlimted Home Plans
    Dil khol Ke Download
  • Port Speed Quota After FUP Rental*
    1Mbps Unlimited - 799/-
    2Mbps Unlimited - 1199/-
    4Mbps Unlimited - 1499/-
    6Mbps Unlimited - 1999/-
    8Mbps Unlimited - 2499/-
  • SME/SOHO Plans
    commercial plans
  • Port Speed Quota After FUP Rental*
    8Mbps 50GB 1Mbps 999/-
    10Mbps 100GB 1Mbps 1299/-
    16Mbps 100GB 1Mbps 1499/-
    20Mbps 150GB 2Mbps 1999/-
    24Mbps 250GB 2Mbps 2499/-


• Taxes Additional as applicable (currently 18% GST).

• Payment mode (100% advance after delivery & Installation) by cheque / cash or online Transfer.

• One time installation amount is non-refundable.

• CPE, POE & Cable are Winux Property & shall be collected from customer premises (in case of disconnection).

• Some plans & schemes are available in selected areas only.

• Speed indicated is up to our ISP node only & no SLA is applicable, Upload speed will be 25% of download.

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